How Can Chartered Surveyors Assist with Commercial Property Renovations?

Chartered Surveyors can provide invaluable advice and support when it comes to carrying out renovations or alterations to commercial premises, allowing businesses to make changes that are both legally compliant  and structurally sound.

Here we look at the ways in which Matthew Parkinson Surveyors can help businesses that are looking to undertake large-scale renovations or alterations to commercial premises.

Before any alterations are made to a commercial property, it’s important to understand the regulations and permissions that may be required. Most commercial premises are subject to planning permission, building regulations, MEES regulations, Fire Safety, CDM Regulations, Asbestos Regulations and other statutory requirements, which must be adhered to.

It’s important to also consider any potential liabilities that may arise from such alterations, such as increased insurance premiums or planning restrictions. Chartered surveyors can provide advice on all of these issues, and ensure that the required permissions are obtained. They can also advise on the best course of action when it comes to making structural changes to a building. This may include the use of specialist contractors and ensuring that works are completed to a high standard.

Another key consideration is the safety of any occupants of the building, and ensuring that any changes are in line with applicable health and safety regulations. Chartered Surveyors can advise on the necessary steps to ensure that the building is safe for use.

Finally, Chartered Surveyors can provide advice on the financial implications of any alterations. This may include the cost of materials and labour. A Chartered Surveyor with experience in this area may be able to project manage the works so you can be sure that the project will progress in a carefully thought-out order, to an agreed timeline and in line with a budget.  Understanding the cost implications of any alterations can help to ensure that the business gets the most out of any changes.

Making alterations to commercial premises can be a complex and daunting process. However, with the help of a Chartered Surveyor, businesses can make informed decisions and ensure that any alterations are completed safely, legally and with minimal disruption.

For further advice on how Matthew Parkinson Surveyors can assist businesses across Lancashire, Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales, please contact us.