What is a Snagging Inspection Report and How Does it Differ from a Pre-Purchase Survey?

A Snagging Inspection Report and a Pre-Purchase Survey are two important tasks carried out during the property purchasing process. While both aim to identify potential issues or defects, they serve different purposes and are suitable in different circumstances. In this blog, we will explore the key differences between a Snagging Inspection Report and a Pre-Purchase Survey.

What is a Snagging Inspection Report?

A Snagging Inspection Report is a detailed record of any minor defects or issues identified after the completion of a new build home. The purpose of a Snagging Inspection Report is to ensure that the finishing touches, such as paintwork, plumbing, or electrical fittings, meet the necessary standards and are in accordance with the requirements of the contract.

What is a Pre-purchase Survey?

A Pre-purchase Survey is a detailed inspection of a property carried out by a Chartered Surveyor. The survey aims to assess the overall condition of the property and identify any potential issues that could impact its structural integrity or value. It covers a wide range of aspects, including the condition of the building, the materials used, any visible defects, and any potential risks or hazards.

Key Differences

While both Snagging Inspection Reports and Pre-purchase Surveys involve identifying potential issues, they differ in their purpose and scope. A Snagging Inspection Report focuses on identifying minor defects that arise during the construction or renovation process, while a Pre-purchase Survey provides a broader assessment of the condition of an existing property.

Additionally, a Snagging Inspection Report is prepared with the intention that the identified issues can be rectified, while a pre-purchase survey helps potential buyers make informed decisions about the suitability of the property for their intended use.

A Snagging Inspection Report is typically carried out after a buyer has entered into a contract to buy the property but prior to the completion date of the new build. Whilst a Pre-purchase Survey also takes place prior to the completion date of an existing property, there is no legal obligation to proceed with the purchase in this instance, and provided no deposit has been paid, a buyer will not stand to lose anything should they choose not to proceed.

It is, however, possible to have a snagging survey done at any time during the first two years of living in a new-build home. During this period, the developer is typically still obligated to repair any defects that are identified.

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