Development Monitoring Surveyor

Development Monitoring Surveyor

Typically conducted on behalf of funders, banks and potential occupiers of property, Development Monitoring is a service that gives peace of mind to those who have a vested interest in a development or large construction project. Such parties often require a professional advisor to oversee their investment and ensure it is being completed to the required standards and expectations.

With expert knowledge of design, specification and contract administration, Matthew Parkinson is ideally equipped to act as a Development Monitoring Surveyor. Matthew has over twenty years of experience in dealing with both residential and commercial building projects and has an in-depth knowledge of the construction process and the various stages involved in seeing a project through to successful completion.

Matthew and his colleagues’ service as a Development Monitoring Surveyor comprises:

  • Ensuring project specifications are adequate
  • Monitoring project timescales
  • Ensuring build quality is sufficient
  • Dealing with any issues or variations to the contract
  • Signing off on interim payments
  • Conducting a final defect inspection

When appointed to represent your interests, Matthew and the team will report back to you following every major stage of the development, so you will always be “kept in the loop”.

Ultimately, our involvement helps to ensure that development work is properly executed and that our client’s investment is protected.

Contact Matthew Parkinson, Chartered Surveyor

Based in Lancaster, Matthew has been involved in overseeing numerous developments across Lancashire, Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales and The Lake District. To speak to Matthew or a member of his team about a project or for a quote on Matthew’s Development Monitoring services, please contact us.