Building Survey Report

Building Survey Report

Maintaining a house can be both time consuming and costly and for this reason, works are not always carried out to the highest of standards. On occasion, repairs, replacements or other works are simply ignored by the property’s current owners, which can lead to further problems or have knock-on consequences.

It is for this reason that is essential for you to get a survey completed on a house you are looking to purchase. Buying a home involves a significant investment and being aware of any defects or essential works will help to avoid any nasty surprises once you take ownership.

The most comprehensive type of survey you can have completed when purchasing a residential property is a Building Survey Report.

A Building Survey Report is a thorough and individually tailored condition report which establishes how the property was built, the condition of the building and how it will perform in the future. This type of report is designed for buyers that want the most in-depth type of inspection available and is particularly well suited to more complicated, unique or older properties. Properties where structural alterations have been undertaken or those with suspected defects requiring repair may also be better served with this type of report.

The process involved in producing a Building Survey Report necessitates a longer, more detailed inspection to identify potential defects to both visible and concealed areas. The completed report will come complete with photographs and provide repair options, timelines and advice on the consequences of not repairing/improving the building.

Additional services can be agreed alongside the Building Survey Report, such as the provision of a Valuation, insurance reinstatement figure and estimated costings for works.

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The law in this country doesn’t protect property buyers if they only discover a defect once they have completed on the purchase. It is a case of ‘buyer beware’, so having a survey done is a very wise investment!

For more information about Building Survey Reports or to ask Matthew’s advice on the most suitable type of survey report for your property transaction, please contact us.