Schedule of Condition

Schedule of Condition

Becoming a commercial property tenant and entering into a lease without proper advice on the potential implications can be an expensive experience for a company. Many commercial clients fail to understand the extent of their repair and maintenance obligations under a commercial lease, therefore finding themselves faced with significant costs at the eventual termination of their lease term.

Matthew Parkinson, Chartered Surveyor, is able to help protect companies by way of undertaking a Schedule of Condition.

A Schedule of Condition is a detailed report that provides photographic and written evidence of the condition of a building at the outset of the Lease. Serving to protect the tenant on termination of the lease from excessive repair costs to the property, Schedules of Condition are usually put in place at the start of a new lease, signed by both parties and appended to the lease for future reference.

Schedules of Condition may also be required in other circumstances, for example works that may affect a neighbouring property or be subject to the Party Wall Act, or when carrying out building work on leased premises.

The relative cost of instructing a Schedule of Condition with Matthew Parkinson is generally insignificant when compared to the potential cost of a substantial dilapidations claim at lease expiry.

Why instruct Matthew Parkinson, Chartered Surveyor?

Matthew has been providing commercial building surveying services to the business community in Lancaster and the surrounding areas for over 20 years and has a reputation for providing a thorough service. Clients return to Matthew and refer him to others due to his approachable nature; Matthew is always willing to explain his findings, providing valuable insight clients might struggle to find elsewhere.

Matthew is an RICS Chartered Building Surveyor, providing assurance to commercial clients that any survey work undertaken on their behalf will be completed to the highest standard.

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Matthew Parkinson is based in Lancaster and works with commercial clients across Lancashire, Cumbria, The Lakes and the wider North West. To speak to Matthew or a colleague about instructing a Schedule of Condition, please get in touch.