Commercial Property Valuations

A commercial property is likely to be a company’s largest single asset. Any decision or transaction involving a commercial property is likely to have significant consequences for the company and its directors so having an accurate and up to date valuation can be vitally important.

Property valuations can assist businesses in a wide range of circumstances, such as the following:

  • Acquisitions – where a company is buying a commercial property, a Valuation Report can play a significant role in ensuring the right purchase price is being paid. A Valuation Report may also be required as part of a company acquisition, to value the property/properties involved.
  • Disposals – a company or individual selling a property or land will want to ensure they are achieving the best price and a Valuation Report can be a useful tool to use as part of the negotiation process.
  • Lease/rent renewals – in addition to the capital value of a property, a Valuation Report can also put an accurate figure on property rental values. This service is useful for both landlords and tenants.
  • Litigation – where a commercial property is involved in a dispute, a Valuation Report can be prepared by a Chartered Surveyor to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. A RICS Registered Valuer can also act as an Expert Witness should the matter go to court.
  • Dilapidations – a Valuation Report to assess the diminution of value of a property may be required as part of a dilapidations claim.
  • Taxation – a Valuation Report can assist with planning/reducing the impact of taxation including Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.
  • Loan security – a Valuation Report provides an accurate assessment of the current market value and the lending risk associated with a property.
  • Fund and accounts valuation – Valuation Reports may be required for the preparation of company accounts and/or financial statements, including pension fund valuations.

Accurate property valuations can only be reached by a professional that has a thorough understanding of the market and the physical aspects of the property at hand. Matthew Parkinson has this knowledge, also bringing the benefit of his many years of local experience to business clients and organisations.

As a RICS Registered Valuer, Matthew is able to assist businesses and company directors across the spectrum of commercial property valuations, providing an assured standard and quality of service.

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Matthew’s extensive experience in assisting commercial clients means he and his colleagues can conduct Valuations on all types of commercial property including offices, retail units, industrial units, factories, warehouses and land.

Matthew Parkinson, Chartered Surveyor, works across Lancaster, South Cumbria, Lancashire, the Lake District and the wider North West. To contact Matthew about for advice or to instruct him on a Commercial Property Valuation, please contact us.

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