Specialist Survey Condition Reports

Specialist Condition Survey Reports

Properties are often the most valuable assets owned by an individual, a couple or a group of individuals. As such, getting professional advice on any matters concerning a building’s state of repair can prove vital in ensuring that value is retained.

There are several reasons why you might need to take advice regarding the condition of a property and have a survey report prepared. These include:

  • Expert Witness Reports for litigation purposes – properties can become tied up in disputes or litigation and in the event this happens, it may be necessary for a Chartered Surveyor to produce a report on the condition of the property – particularly in relation to any disrepair, incomplete or poorly conducted works.
  • Specific Defect Inspections – if you own or are looking to a buy a property and are aware that a specific defect exists, you may want to have the problem fully investigated, potentially with a view to having it repaired. Typical problems covered in specific defect inspections include structural issues, such as cracked or bulged walls, sagging and uneven roofs, or damp problems.
  • Rebuilding cost assessments – as a property owner, it is your responsibility to provide an accurate rebuilding cost to your insurance company. If you fail to do this, you may find that you are under-insured in the event of needing to make a claim.
  • Planned Maintenance Surveys – landlords that own a number of properties are sensible to keep on top of repair works to prevent problems becoming worse. Planned maintenance surveys highlight not only the urgent works that need completing across a property portfolio, but also serve to identify issues that are likely to arise in the future. This helps landlords to effectively plan and budget for property repairs and maintenance works.

Matthew Parkinson, Chartered Surveyor, can assist property owners with a property inspection for any of the above listed reasons. Matthew set up his own firm so he could offer a personal service to clients in a cost-effective way, which is what he continues to do.

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Based in Lancaster, Matthew assists both private clients and businesses across a wide range of property matters, providing unrivalled local knowledge and insight.

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